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Illustration Board Signage

Illustration Board Signage

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Illustration Board Signages are designed digitally, cut on vinyl, and placed on an illustration board.

Applicable for Signages such as:

  • Welcome Signage
  • Unplugged Signage
  • Here comes the Bride banner
  • Any other signage except Seat Plan Chart

Inclusions: 2 Design Studies and 1 Minor Revision. Signage only. Stand is not included.

Usual Sizes: Here comes the Bride banners are typically 10x15 in size while Welcome Signages are normally 20x30.

Vinyl Colors: White, Black, and Gold. Other colors depend on availability. Check with CalliQuote through FB Page to know more about the availability.

Lead Time for Signages: Typically 2 to 4 weeks. Rush fee may apply to orders confirmed in less than 2 weeks before release date.

Release Date for Signages: Typically scheduled within 3 days to a week before the wedding or event date.

Complicated Designs or inclusion of Monograms are subject to additional fees.

Availability depends on stock.