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Terms & Conditions

1. 50% Downpayment is non-refundable and is required to secure booking.

2. Additional charges may apply to orders that are rushed; to orders with delayed requirements from clients (e.g. Delayed submission of final seating arrangement, etc); to orders that will require extra security in packaging (e.g. Signages that will be shipped via LBC); or to any order that CalliQuote deem to be charged with additional fee due to certain requirements from the Client.

3. Orders with approved designs will be the source of truth and shall be followed by CalliQuote. No change shall be accommodated once development is in progress.

4. No return, no exchange on products especially for hand-made products. However, if proven that there is an error on CalliQuote’s side, CalliQuote will provide a correction for the mistake.

5. For Metro Manila clients. Client shall book a courier to pick-up their orders on the scheduled release date. Shipping fees shall be shouldered by the client. Tracking link shall be sent by the client to CalliQuote.

6. For clients outside Metro Manila. CalliQuote shall schedule a pick up from LBC or personally drop off the items at LBC. An estimated shipping fee shall be quoted by CalliQuote and any discrepancy on the estimated shipping fee shall be fulfilled (excess shall be refunded by CalliQuote via GCash or Bank Transfer; client shall transfer balance to CalliQuote).

7. CalliQuote will ensure 100% quality of the product prior release. Once items have been turned over to courier, CalliQuote shall not be held liable for issues during transit. Clients outside Metro Manila will be provided with tracking number in order to track their package and will bear the responsibility of keeping track.


In case of force majeure, 50% downpayment will still remain non-refundable to compensate for CalliQuote’s purchase of raw materials and design efforts. Payments made apart from the 50% downpayment may be refunded, if applicable.