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Envelope Addressing Guidelines

General Guidelines:
    • Extra envelopes are required from the client.
      • A minimum of 7pcs or 7% of the total quantity (whichever is higher) is needed as count of the extra envelopes.
      • Provide additional 1 envelope if you’d like to avail of the freebie - envelope for the couple for pictorial purposes
    • Envelopes must be enclosed in a box and is recommended to be shipped to CalliQuote via any same day delivery courier of your choice (shipping c/o client). Delivery location is at Quezon City.
      • List of Names must be provided prior arrival of the envelopes or until the 3rd week before scheduled release date.
      • Highly Recommended but optional: During the 4th week before release date, schedule a delivery with CalliQuote of the actual swatch on one of your envelopes. This allows you to see the actual inks and how it looks on your envelope since some inks look better in person and their beauty cannot be captured by the camera. This will help you make a clearer decision on which ink color you want to be used.


      On the List of Names for each envelope:
      • Download the Envelope Addressing file and fill out with details. 1 cell = 1 envelope
      • 1st cell is reserved for your names on the envelope for pictorial purposes on wedding day.
        • Usual format is Mr. and Mrs. <First Name of Groom> and <First Name of Bride> <Last Name of Groom>
        • This envelope is a freebie and is counted towards the extra envelope.
      • Email a copy to with the Subject: <your name> - Envelope Addressing
      • Finalize everything on/before delivery of envelopes to CalliQuote. Minor changes can be made up until the 3rd week before scheduled release date.